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John Henry Day was born in New York on 17 January 1828. By 1850, he had moved to Baltimore, Michigan where he was living in the home of J.F. and Jain Hodges. At the time, his estate was valued at $160.

On 8 November 1854, John married Eliza Graham Eaton. In 1860, John was working as a farmer in Baltimore. His real estate was valued at $1,200 and his personal estate was valued at $550.

On 21 September 1864, John enlisted as Private Company D, Michigan 3rd Infantry. He was promoted to full Corporal on 24 January 1866. On 12 June 1866, John was mustered out of the military. He had enlisted in Grand Rapids and mustered out in Detroit.

In 1870, John was still farming in Baltimore. His real estate was now worth $3,600 and his personal estate was worth $500. He was still farming in Baltimore in 1880.

John died in Baltimore on 13 February 1899.

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The Battle of Antietam was fought four days before John Henry Day enlisted in the union army. On the day of his enlistment, wounded soldiers were still be found on the battlefield. The battle and its aftermath had been photographed by Alexander Gardner. This image is of Confederate dead from Starke's Louisiana Brigade