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Wilhelm Danes was born in Borbeck, North Rhineland, Germany on 13 June 1851. Around 1873 he was serving in the Palace Guard. However, we do not know when he began or ended his military service. He married Louisa Karchen on 28 January 1875.

He emigrated to the United States 1882. By 1900, he was a naturalized citizen.

According to the 1900 census, Wilhelm was able to read, write, and speak English. However, the 1910 census reports that although he was able to read and write, he was unable to speak English; that the language he spoke was German.1

In 1900, Wilhelm was living in Hancock, Michigan where he worked as a miner. By 1910, he had moved to Rockland, Michigan where he worked in a copper mine. We do not know which of the copper mines in which Wilhelm worked: Michigan Mine, Minesota Mine2, National Mine, or the Rockland Mine. Native Michiganians began copper mining around 500 BC. The modern copper rush in Michigan's upper peninsula began in 1843. The White Pine Mine, Michigan's last, closed in 1997.

Wilhelm died in Michigan on 1 November 1917 of stomach cancer.

1Because the 1910 census indicates that Wilhelm had the ability to read and write and because he was the only person in his household unable to speak English, I believe that the 1900 census is the one that accurately reports his linguistic abilities.

2When referring to the mine, "Minesota" is spelled correctly.

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