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Rosetta Danes
(1884- )

Rosetta Danes is the grandmother of Ursula Danes Berg (1942- ).

Rosetta Danes was born 14 October 1884 in Michigan most likely in the Houghton Hancock area.1 From census records, we known that she could read and write. She was also known as Sadie.2

She married Henry Uhlmann in Houghton, Michigan on 14 June 1902. By 1910, she had given birth to four children; all of whom had survived.

By 1917, she had moved to Rockland, Michigan and by 1930 she was living in Essexville, Michigan. She and her husband owned a home in Essexville worth $2,000.

We have been unable to locate a record of her death.

1The assumption that Rosetta was born in Houghton-Hancock is based on census records for her parents.

2Name listed on 1910 census and her husband's World War I draft registration form.


Wilhelm Danes
Louisa Karchen


Henry W. Uhlmann


Henry William Uhlmann
Clarence Uhlmann
Ligouri Josephina Uhlmann
Helen Kathryn Uhlmann
Bernard Anthony Moritz Uhlmann

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