Anna Maria Daiminger would have used this type of stamp when she posted letters.

Anna Maria Daiminger
(19th century)

Anna Maria Daiminger is the wife of the grand uncle of Lorain Berg and Calvin R. Berg and the grandmother of Karl Brunhofer.

Anna Maria Daiminger was born on 22 October 1854. She married Georg Berg on 16 February 1881.

During the time Anna Maria was beginning to raise her family, Sigmund Freud was developing his "talking cure" which served as the basis for psychoanalysis.

At the same time, the United States population increased just over 25% between 1880 and 1890; to a total of 62,979,766. 0n 1 January 1892, Ellis Island opened the port where her nephew Josef Berg was processed when he emigrated to America in 1923.




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