The year that Mary Bushnell was born, twenty three Jewish refugees from Brazil arrived in New Amsterdam (now New York).

Mary Bushnell

Mary Bushnell is the sixth great grandmother of Rachel Wilcox Liberacki.

Mary Bushnell was born in 1654. 1 In September 1672, she married Thomas Leffingwell. The following year, on 28 November 1773, her brother Joseph married Thomas' sister who was also named married. The Leffingwells and the Bushnells lived next to each other in Norwich, Connecticut.

Mary died on 2 December 1745. She is buried in the Old Burying Ground in Norwich.

1Frances Manwaring Caulkins lists the month of birth as January while Find A Grave lists December. Other sources list the year only. I am sure that the Millennium File which lists her year of birth as 1645 is a typo.


Richard Bushnell
Mary Marvin


Thomas Leffingwell


Thomas Leffingwell
Elizabeth Leffingwell
Benajah Leffingwell
John Leffingwell

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