James Breathour

James Breathaur is the second great grandfather of Mary Lou Clark.


James Briattour
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Phoebe Lawton


Elizabeth Breathour
Michael Breathour
Samuel Breathour
Catherine Breathour
James Breathour
Daren Breathour
William Breathour

James Breathour was born in Ireland sometime in 1818.1 By 1852, he had married Phoebe Lawton and was living with her and their family in Scott, Ontario in West Canada. The family religion was listed in the 1851 census as "English Church." However, by 1861, his religion was recorded as Wesleyan Methodist. During his time in Scott, he worked as a farmer.

Sometime prior to 1890, James emigrated to the United States.

James died on 12 August 1890 in Sand Beach township in Huron county, Michigan.

1This is the date from the Michigan Births and Death's Index. Calculating his birth year from Canadian census records give the year c. 1816.

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The United Mine Workers of America was founded in 1890; the same year that James Breathour died.