Ernestine Freidericka Wilhelmina Borchardt



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Martha Bredendick
Ida Bredendick
Emma Bredendick
Otto H. Bredendick
Ernestine Bredendick
William Bredendick
Arthur A. Bredendick
Alvina Bredendick
Marie Bredendick
Louise Bredendick

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Ernestine Borchardt was born in Germany during 1865. In 1867 she was living in Basepohl, Demmin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. She emigrated to the United States in 18781.

In 1880, Ernestine was living in Wayne, Wisconsin in the home of Frederick and Emma Muehlius. There she worked as a servant/housemaid. The 1884 Appleton, Wisconsin city directory for Neenah, Wisconsin lists her occupation as domestic.

In 1886, Ernestine married William Bredendick. She was naturalized in 1893. By 1905, Ernestine and her husband were living in Birnamwood, Wisconsin. She lived in Birnamwood through 1920. Sometime before 1930, she took up residence with her daughter Ernestine in Wittenberg, Wisconsin. Her husband, son-in-law, and grandson also lived in in the Wittenberg household. In 1940, Ernestine was still living with her daughter and son-in-law.

Ernestine died in Wittenberg on 15 January 1945.

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The oldest seals of the Princes of Mecklenburg date from around 1200 and show a griffin.

The oldest seals of the Princes of Mecklenburg date from around 1200 and show a griffin. The meaning of the griffin, or a possible relation with neighbouring Pommern is not known. Around 1200 a bull's head appears as a typical symbol on coins issued in Mecklenburg. The bull's head was first used on seals by Nikolaus of Mecklenburg (1219-1255). His cousin, Heinrich Borwin II von Rostock, still used a griffin on his seals. The meaning of the bull's head is also not clear, most likely it simply indicates strength.