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A 1907 postcard of the Wisconsin Dells near Friendship, Wisconsin.

Jacob Bloecher

Jacob Bloecher is Seth Stankowski's third great grandfather.

The records concerning Jacob and Elizabeth Bloecher are confusing. In this profile, I have presented the most likely scenario for Jacob. The inconsistent dates are dealt with in detail in Elizabeth's profile.

Jacob Bloecher was born in Hesse, Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany on 28 October 1825. He departed Germany from the port of Bremen on board the Gaston arriving in New York on 10 June 1852.

By 1860 he was living in Forest, Wisconsin with wife . He worked as a farmer. The value of his real estate was $500 and his personal estate was worth $150. Before 1870, he had moved to Friendship, Wisconsin. The value of his real estate had increased to $3,500 and his personal estate was worth $400.

Before 1900, Jacob and his wife had moved to Wittenberg, Wisconsin. His occupation was "capitalist."

Jacob died in Wittenberg on 19 February 1901.




Elizabeth [maiden name] Bloecher


Mary Elizabeth Bloecher
Henry Jacob Bloecher
Emilia Bloecher
Helen Bloecher
Louis Bloecher
Lydi Bloecher
Emma Bloecher
William Bloecher

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