Henry Jacob Bloecher

Henry Jacob Bloecher is Seth Stankowski's second great grandfather.

Henry Jacob Bloecher was born in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin on 26 June 1857. By 1860, his family moved to Friendship, Wisconsin. Henry would remain in Friendship at least through 1870.

on 1884, Henry married Amelia Gralapp.

One year later, On 15 September 1885, Henry filed certificate number 19355 at the Wausau, Wisconsin land office for the purchase of public lands available in Shawano county. He purchased 57 acres and 73/100 of an acre.

For most of his life, Henry worked as a farmer. However, we know that in 1910, he was a "custom sawyer with rig."

Henry died on 7 January 1927 and was buried in Forest Home Cemetery.


Jacob Bloecher
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Amelia Gralapp


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