Netzel and VanDree's Shop
Wittenberg, Wisconsin

It is likely that George Bloecher and his family shopped at Netzel and VanDree's Shop.

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George Henry Bloecher

George Henry Bloecher is Seth Stankowski's great grandfather.

George Henry Bloecher was born in Wisconsin on 16 January 1885. As of 1905, he was living in Wittenberg where he would remain the rest of his life.

In 1900, Henry was working as an Engineer Apprentice. By 1905, he was an Engineer; the same job listed on the 1910 census and the draft registration form he completed on 12 September 1918. However, by 1920, he was employed at the proprietor of a saw mill.

The 1930 census lists Henry's occupation as None. At the time, he owned a house in Wittenberg worth $3,200.

Henry died on 4 February 1956. He was buried in Forest Home Cemetery.


Henry Jacob Bloecher
Amelia Gralapp


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Edward Albert Bloecher
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