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Elizabeth [maiden name] Bloecher

Elizabeth Bloecher is Seth Stankowski's third great grandmother.

The records concerning Elizabeth Bloecher are confusing. In this profile, I am presenting the information I have--with extensive notes on sources--even though the .

Elizabeth1,2 was born in Hesse, Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany during July 18303. By 1860, she was living with her husband in Forest, Wisconsin.4 By 1870, she had moved to Friendship, Wisconsin.5 She remained in Friendship through 1880.6

Elizabeth immigrated to the United States in 1871.7

Elizabeth married Jacob Bloecher in 1877.8

By 1900, Elizabeth and her family at moved to Wittenberg, Wisconsin.9 She had given birth to eight children; two of whom were still living.10

Elizabeth died in 1902.11

1I have seen three potential last names for Elizabeth: Weil, Yaeger, and Waegal. However, none have documentation.

2In the 1860, 1870, and 1880 censuses, her name is listed as Eliza. In 1900, she is Elizabeth. At one point, I thought that there might have been two wives. But, for this thesis to be accurate, Elizabeth should have appeared on the 1880 census.

3Date listed on 1900 census.

41860 census.

51870 census.

61800 census.

71900 census.

8According to the 1900 census, Elizabeth and Jacob had been married for 23 years.

91900 census.

101900 census.

11Public Member Tree,




Jacob Bloecher


Mary Elizabeth Bloecher
Henry Jacob Bloecher
Emilia Bloecher
Helen Bloecher
Louis Bloecher
Lydi Bloecher
Emma Bloecher
William Bloecher

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