Munich's Odeonsplatz during November 1923 putsch attempt. Babette was living in Munich in 1923.

Three days before the photograph to the left was taken, the Nazi party failed in a coup d'etat. As a result, Adolph Hitler was arrested, tried, and convicted of treason.

Babette "Barbara" Berg
(19th century)

Babette Berg is the grand aunt of Lorain Berg, Calvin R. Berg, and Karl Brunhofer.

Besides the name of her parents and two of her children, and three of her grandchildren, little is known about Barbara Berg except that she lived in Munich in 1923.

Her grandchildren were named Elizabeth Karmann, Elizabeth Senft, and Traudel Frank. Because two were named Elizabeth and both were still living in 1989, they could not be both Babette's known daughter's children. Her known son had no children. Therefore, Babette has at least one child who is unknown to us.1

1We known the married names of these three grandchildren because they are listed as surviving nieces in Josef Berg's obituary.


George Berg
Barbara Muggenthaler




Josef Berg
Elizabeth Berg
Unknown child/children


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