Image from Frederick Engels' The Peasant War in Germany which was published in 1850.

Anna Maria Berg
(19th century)

Anna Maria Berg is the grand aunt of Lorain Berg, Calvin R. Berg, and Karl Brunhofer.

Except for the name of her daughter and parents, little is known about Anna Maria Berg.

Around the time of her birth, there were uprisings in Germany. Frederick Engles (1820-1895) reflected on these uprising which reminded him of the protests that took place during the 1500s. These reflections resulted in his book, The Peasant War in Germany (1500) which advanced the theory that the Protestant Reformation had a socio-economic basis. Two years earlier, Engles co-authored Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei(1948)with Karl Marx.

In the United States, civil unrest lead to the Civil War (1861-1865).


George Berg
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