"This 1905 license plate--the oldest known surviving plate from Wisconsin--documents a time when the State of Wisconsin was just beginning to grapple with the automobile age."

Source: Wisconsin Historical Society

Marianna Bendzmer
(1824- )

Marianna Bendzmer is Seth Stankowski's third great grandmother.

Marianna Bendzmer was born in 1830 in Kolodzieje, Suleczno, Prussia, Poland. She married Joseph Formella on 10 February 1841 in Kolodzieje, Suleczno, Prussia, Poland.

The only documentation we have for Marianna is the 1905 Wisconsin census which indicated that she was living with her daughter and son-in-law in Sharon, Wisconsin.

As a Wisconsin resident at the turn of the twentieth century, Marianna was fairly typical in one respect. The 1900 census showed that 70% of Wisconsin's population was either foreign born or were the children of foreign born parents.

1The authors of Our Family Genealogy Pages list the date as 30 August 1824. However, no specific documentation is included for this date. Although I use place of birth from this source, I am using the 1905 Wisconsin census to establish the date of birth.


Adalbert Bendzmer
Catharina Moykowa


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Anna Formella

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