Grand Rapids streetcar
c. 1930s

Lyle Baxter
(1902- )

Lyle Baxter is the grandfather of Susan Lynn Baxter, Jeffrey P. Baxter, and Thomas Alan Baxter.

Outside of what can be determined from the 1930 census, little is known about Lyle Baxter.

He was born in Michigan in 1902; the same state where his parents were also born. In 1923, he married Bernice Kolberg.

In 1930, he and his wife and their three children were living with his father and mother in law in their home in Grand Rapids. Lyle was employed in a city department, but the writing on the census form is too illegible for me to make out his exact occupation:

In 1930, the population of Grand Rapids was 168,592; a 22.5% increase from the 1920 census. Just prior to Lyle's birth, Grand Rapids only had 87,565 inhabitants.


Unknown [born in Michigan]
Unknown [born in Michigan]


Bernice Kolberg


Gerald Robert Baxter
Earl Baxter
Kenneth Baxter

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