Kent County Airport
Administrative Building
Completed 1935

Gerald Robert Baxter

Gerald Baxter was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on 17 August 1925. He would live in Grand Rapids all of his life.

The year after Gerald was born, "The United States' first regularly scheduled airline service began on July 31, 1926, between Grand Rapids and Detroit."1 Works Progress Administration (WPA) money was used in the 1930s to remodel the administration building.

On 28 June 1947, Gerald married Irene Korenkiewicz.

During the same year that Gerald and Irene married, a $60,000 control tower began operating. The Kent County airport is now names after President Gerlad R. Ford, the only United States President born in Michigan.

Gerald died on 02 January 1994.

1Gerald R. Ford International Airport: History and Statistics. Accessed June 25, 2011.


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