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John Willcockson
Purchases Land
from John Fish

"In 1654, and probably for several years previously, John Fish lived in the town of Stratford, Conn. He was a young man and impulsive. The family name of his wife was probably Eland, as Sarah Eland, his sister-in-law, was a young woman and a member of his household. The Elands were an ancient and knightly family of Yorkshire, Eng. John Fish's house lot of about six acres, where he lived, was at the northerly end of the present village of Stratford, and bounded on the west by Main street, on the north and east by Ferry road and on the south by land of Daniel Titterson. The location of his house lot is shown on a map drawn by Rev. Benjamin L. Swan, and printed in the 'Hawley Record' at page 432, where it is marked as belonging to John Willcockson, the person to whom it was sold by Mr. Fish. In the autumn of 1654, a controversy commenced between John Fish and some young men in the town, growing out of unwarwanted accusations which he made against them. This trouble was carried into the courts and very probably was the cause of his selling all his property in Stratford a year later, to John Willcockson,1 and leaving town."

    John Anson Wheeler
    History of the Town of Stonington
    (p. 669-670)



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1John Wilcoxson is the sixth great grandfather of Rachel Wilcox Liberacki.

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